Women change 104 hair styles in lifetime

Women change 104 hair styles in lifetime - On an average a woman changes her hairstyle 104 times in her lifetime, according to a survey in Britain. Between the ages of 13 and 65, Women undergo several hairstyle changes from layering, shortening or colouring at least twice a year. Most women try out at least three colours over the years

dark brown being the most popular and at some stage they peer out from under a long style with a fringe. More than two thirds of women try this look at least once, Daily Mail reported citing a survey conducted by hairdresser Andrew Collinge.

The main reason a woman lets her hairdresser loose is plain old fashioned boredom. The next most common reason is the end of a relationship, a time of new beginnings and a matching brand new look.

The survey of 3,000 women found 44 per cent changed their hair style or colour simply because they were bored, while 61 percent expressed it as "just wanting a change".

Another 25 per cent went to the hairdressers wanting to "re-invent" themselves while 38 per cent thought it would make them feel more confident.

There were 17 per cent who admitted dashing to the salon in emergency mode after spotting the first streaks of grey.

"Women have always used their hair as a way of altering their appearance as it often has the greatest impact visually," Collinge said.

But, most women change their style "little and often" rather than doing a dramatic overhaul, the survey said.

"You can add modern texture without altering the length just by adding some layers or by drying and styling differently think Jennifer Aniston," he said.

"Hopefully, with the help and advice of their hairdresser they are making these smaller changes to a style which already suits them hence reaching almost 100 styles."

He said fashion and celebrity trends played a large part in the looks women dream of for themselves.

"In my salons we certainly see women bringing in pictures of the latest look which inspires them," he added. ( hindustantimes.com )

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